Convent of St.George - Jiřské Square 5/33, Prague Castle

Convent of St.George

Jiřské Square 5/33, Prague Castle

This convent, the first convent to be built in Bohemia, was founded by prince Boleslav II in 973 for women’s order of Benedictines, as part of the Basilica of St. George; its first abbess was his sister Mlada. After a fire in 1142 the convent buildings were renovated and expanded by another floor, after another fire of 1541 the convent was rebuilt in Renaissance style and then in early Baroque style in 1657-80 (C. Lurago). In 1872 the convent was closed as part of the reforms by Joseph II and the building was used as gunnery barracks and housing for priests. At the turn of 19th and 20th century the convent and the basilica underwent a not so successful purism-style adaptation which was meant to give it back its original Romanesque look. In 1969-75 the convent was adapted to hold the old Czech art collections of the National Gallery which are on display there even at present time. The convent is formed by two buildings surrounding two courtyards, the façades are the result of changes made for the National Gallery. Most rooms on the groundfloor have preserved late Renaissance and early Baroque vaults. From the original Romanesque building only the chapel of St.Anne with a Baroque appearance.

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