St. Norbert

Norbert, the founder of the Premonstratensian Order, was born in Germany and lived during the years of 1085–1134. He came from a rich family and enjoyed the pleasures of the world. Similarly to St. Paul, he turned to faith after lightening struck his horse. He worked as a secretary of Emperor Henry V, then as a preacher in France, Belgium and the Rein Valley. In 1120, in the village Prémontré, he founded a community that later on became the basis for the Premonstratensian Order. He was appointed the archbishop of Magdeburg. Norbert was canonized by Gregory XIII in 1582. In the year of 1627, Norbert’s relics were moved to the Premonstratensian Monastery at Strahov; in the same year, Prague Archbishop Arnošt of Harrach proclaimed Norbert a Czech patron. His attributes are a monstrance, book and chalice with a spider.


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