Vladislaus II Jagiellon

*1458 (Krakow, Poland), †1516 (Budapest, Hungary)

King of Bohemia from the Lithuanian-Polish House of Jagiellon; father of Louis of Jagiellon. On the death of George of Poděbrady in 1471, the majority of nobles elected him to the throne of Bohemia. The dispute with the pretender, Matthias Corvinus, whose right to the throne was recognized by the Catholics, only ended in 1478 in a compromise (Vladislaus ruled Bohemia, both ruled Lusatia, Svídnica and Javorsko, Corvinus reigned over Moravia and the rest of Silesia and both had the right to the title of King of Bohemia). Religious peace was made in Kutná Hora in 1485 under Vladislaus’ rule and the country embarked on a course of religious tolerance. When the royal court moved to Budín (1490), the power of the estates was strengthened in Bohemia, particularly that of the high nobility and the power of the monarchy suffered a major decline; the king’s authority was weak, he was ironically referred to as the “good king” because he would apparently agree to anything his ministers suggested. The favourable economic climate of Vladislaus’ reign led to a flourishing of late gothic art, known as jagiellonic or vladislav gothic (which can be seend in architectural adornments to Prague Castle, the Vladislav Hall, etc.). In 1515 he entered into a succession agreement with the Habsburgs which allowed them to take the Kingdom of Bohemia and create the Habsburg Central European Lands after 1526, a situation that endured until 1918.


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