John of Luxembourg

*1296 (Luxembourg, Luxembourg), †1346 (Crécy, France)

A Czech king from the Luxembourg family, John married Elisabeth Přemyslid (1292-1330) in 1310, thereby becoming King of Bohemia after four years of fighting over the crown after the murder of the last Přemyslid king, Wenceslaus III. The coronation took place in 1311. His internal politics were not very successful and after long drawn-out disputes with the Czech nobility he left the country in disgust, entrusting them with its administration and thenceforth used Bohemia as a means of financing his family European political activities. In 1333 he conceded the rule of the lands of the Bohemian crown to his son Charles (later King and Emperor Charles IV) and one year later made him Margrave of Moravia. From 1341 he supported him in his efforts to secure the crown of King of the Romans and in 1346 he handed him his electoral vote during the election of the Emperor. John achieved far greater success in his foreign politics: he reinforced the international standing of the Kingdom of Bohemia and expanded it by the addition of Upper Lusatia, the region around Cheb and almost all of Silesia. He went blind but still fought for France at the Battle of Crécy, where he was killed; he is buried in his native Luxembourg.


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