Old Town Square

This large square in the centre of the Old Town belongs to the most culturally and historically significant places of the Czech lands. Originally it was a wide marketplace by a lively route to the near Vltava crossings, in a favourable location between Vyšehrad and the Prague Castle. It has the existing layout since the 13th century, when a more connected line of stone buildings had been built around it. Throughout the centuries the square witnessed many celebrations, knights’ tournaments and gatherings, but also bloody executions, the most famous of which was the execution of the leaders of the anti-Habsburg uprising in 1621. On the turn of the 20th century the local markets were destroyed, at that time a whole line of houses on the northern side of the square had undergone demolition and the historical houses were replaced by new profitable apartment buildings. Today the Old Town Square is the centre of old Prague and the place which has witnessed centuries of Czech history.


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