Santini Jan Blažej also Santini-Eichel, Aichel, Euchel and other

*1677 (Prague), †1723 (Prague)

Czech architect of Italian origin one of the most important architects of dynamic style of peak Baroque period in Central Europe. Due to his handicap, he could not take over his fathers stonemason´s workshop so he became a painter first.From 1700 he devoted himself to architecture, 1705 he became a Lesser Town burgher and also a member of the builders´ guild. He was influenced by local architects such as J.B.Mathey (after his death he took over some of his projects and joined his collaborators) and J.B.Fischer of Erlach. He was greatly influenced by his journey to Rome where got acquainted with art work of radical architect F.Boromini who was often labelled as lunatic by his oponents. Santini worked mainly for church orders (Benedictines, Premonstransiens), less for the nobility. His constructions are characteristic by a great variety and an effort to find new solutions. He elaborated an original form of the so- called Baroque Gothic style, a way of coping with the local historical tradition. Central location with swapping of materials is one of his signature styles.

  • Works in Prague (selection):
  • Works out of Prague (selection):
    • church of Our lady in monastery in Kladruby
    • St.Anne Chapel in Panenské Břežany
    • St.Clement and bishop´s residence in Hradec Králové
    • monastery with church of Our Lady in Sedlc by Kutná Hora
    • convent and church of Our Lady Birth in monastery in Želiv
    • convents of monasteries in Zbraslav, Plasy, Žďár nad Sázavou
    • church of St.John of Nepomuk on the Green Mountain by Žďár nad Sázavou
    • chateau Karlova Koruna in Chlumec nad Cidlinou
    • chateau in Manětín

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