Ried Benedikt also Rieth, Rejt, Ryed

* probably 1454, †1534 (Louny)

German architect also active in Bohemia, one of the most important representatives of late Gothic architecture in Central Europe. He connected local Gothic tradition (e.g. net vault) with Renaissance elements (rectangular windows) which came from Northern Italy. He came to Prague in 1489 and until 1496 he worked on the reconstruction of the Prague Castle, he built massive fortifications with cannon bastions, Vladislav Hall, riding steps, Ludvík´s wing and Old Parliament wing of the Old Royal Palace, he rearranged the living rooms. Then he worked for nobility and towns (Blatná, Švihov, Rabí, Zabkovice, Slaskie in Poland), in Kutná Hora he continued with the construction of St.Barbara Cathedral and finished dean´s church in Louny.


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