Orsi de Orsini Giovanni Domenico also Orssi, Urssay, Ursyny

* around 1633 (Vienna, Austria), †1679 (Prague)

Italian architect and builder of the early Baroque era worked in the Czech countries from mid-17th century, he settled in Prague in 1760´s, he was a pupil of C.Lurago. He mainly worked for Jesuits and other religious orders, in 1666 he was appointed as the supreme fortification builder in Cheb. He was inspired by Viennese architecture his works are distinctively monumental and show very ingenious configuration of materials. Together with C.Lurago and F.Caratti they are the founders of the Czech Baroque style. Despite his early death (probably of due to plague), his work is very extensive.

  • Works in Prague (selection):
  • Works out of Prague(selection):
    • St.James Church in Domenican monastery in Litoměřice
    • Jesuit college in Kutná Hora
    • Jesuit Residence in Tuchoměřice
    • church of the Name of Jesus in Tel
    • church of Paulanians in Světce

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