Mocker Josef

*1835 (Cítoliby, district Louny), †1899 (Prague)

Czech architect and conservation worker, representative of neo-Gothic purism. In 1873 he was asked to finish the building of St.Vitus Cathedral. He realized a design of J.Kranner and according to his own project he built the western façade with two towers. He restored the Powder Tower in Prague, built St.Ludmila Church at Vinohrady, St.Procopius Church at Žižkov and a New Provost Residence at Prague Castle, he renovated the Old-New Synagogue, Lesser Town Bridge Towers, Old Town Bridge Tower and he rebuilt few churches in neo-Gothic style. Outside of Prague he cooperated on the construction of St.Stephen´s Cathedral in Vienna, restored castles – Karlštejn, Křivoklát,churches in Kolín,Vysoké Mýto, Pilsen, he was also active in Litoměřice, Mladá Boleslav, Třeboň, Nový Bydžov, Radouň. Mocker´s activities were very criticised by his contemporaries and successors because of deviation from original character of buildings. Many of his solutions are only appreciated at present time. He also wrote few theses on monument restoration and he kept a detailed documentation for every construction which was not common in that period.


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