Lurago Anselmo Martino also Luragho

*1701 (Como, Italy), †1765 (Prague)

Italian architect and builder working in Bohemia, member of a a big artistic family of Luragos. He is leading representative of a generation which lived in the times of a transition between high and late Baroque periods. Especially in interior design, he reached the Rococo expression. At first he worked under the guidance of F.M.Kaňka, K.I.Dientzenhofer or B.Scotti, later on his own for nobility (mainly fo the Černíns, Ditrichsteins, Kaunitzs or Šliks) and for church orders. He created a unique type of church with a counterbalanced and deliberately composed front face. In 1752 he was appointed the royal court builder in Prague and from 1753 he supervised the reconstruction of Prague Castle according to plans of N.Pacassi.


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