Kaňka František Maxmilián

*1674 (Prague), †1766 (Prague)

Czech architect, a representative of classicized branch of high Baroque style, one of the most important and the most productive Baroque architects in Bohemia. He contributed to domestication of Baroque style in our country. He studied in Italy and Vienna and worked mostly in Prague for the nobility (Černíns, Vrtbas, Wallensteins, Pachtas of Rájov) and church orders as well. In 1724 he was appointed as the imperial architect. He cooperated with J.B.Santini and possibly with G.B.Alliprandi and he was a friend of sculptor M.B.Braun and painter V.V.Reiner. Besides palaces, houses and churches he also designed altars,monuments and sculptures. As early as in 1709 he tried to found the first art academy in Bohemia.


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