Dientzenhofer Kryštof also Dienzenhofer

*1655 (Guggenhof, Germany), †1722 (Prague)

Bavarian builder and architect: father of K.I.Dientzenhofer. An important representantive of peak Baroque style in Bohemia, where he brought radical style with dynamic concept of material and expanding space after 1685. Some historians of architecture doubt his authorship of most buildings allegedly made by him; they claim he was merely an outstanding executive builder who ‚only‘ carried out projects by others; many of the buildings he worked on stand out with perfect mathematical concept for which basic skills of a master builder such as Dietzenhofer would not be sufficient. He worked for nobility and church all over Bohemia and acted as a fortress builder in Prague and Cheb.

  • Works in Prague(selection):
  • Works out of Prague(selection):
    • Chapel of St. Mary Magdalen at Skalka by Mníšek pod Brdy
    • Monastery church of St.Joseph in Obořiště by Příbram
    • Monastery Church in Nová Paka
    • Convent and prelate house of Premonstrantian Monastery in Teplá
    • St.Clara Church in Cheb
    • Hospital church of the Holiest Trinity in Teplá

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