Brokof Ferdinand Maxmilián called also Brokoff, Brokhoff, Brokov, Prokov

*1688 (Červený Hrádek by Chomutov), †1731 (Prague)

Czech sculptor and woodcarver, son of J.Brokof, brother of J.M.Brokof, one of the most important Baroque artists in the Czech countries, one of the creators of Baroque Prague.He picked up the skills in his father´s workshop and probably from 1707 worked independenty. Till 1716 he worked almost exclusively in Prague, later on he joined the Austrian architect J.B.Fischer from Erlach with whom he worked in Vienna ,Wroclav and other places. He worked mostly with sandstone, but also with marble, wood and stucco. He returned to Prague at the end of his life, when he suffered from the common illness of masons – the tuberculosis. His last designs were realized by his pupils. F.M. Brokof was a master of monumental realism, he plastically developed shapes of statues‘ fabrics, he gave mild pathos and fullness to sculptures and he replaced traditional pedestals by groups of statues. His works were a great inspiration for J.V.Myslbek and other sculptors.


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