Braun Matyáš Bernard

*1684 (Sautens, Tirol), †1738 (Prague)

Czech woodcarver and sculptor was born in Austria and became one of the most important artists of the high Baroque style in the Czech countries.He studied to become a woodcarver, in 1699 he went to Italy as an apprentice where he got acquainted with Roman sculpture especially with dynamic and exciting style of G.L.Bernini. Before 1710 he came to Prague where he became immediately famous: he settled down there, became a townsman of Prague New Town and founded a workshop which was supplying hundreds of wooden and stone sculptures to customers all over Bohemia for thirty years. Among those sculptures there were exquisite works surpassing the usual standards of that period. He cooperated with F.M.Kaňka and J.B.Fischer from Erlach, he worked in Dresden and Vienna where he was appointed as a court sculptor by emperor Charles VI. His greatest work was commissioned by the count F.A.Sporck for the castle of Kuks for which he created series called Beatification, Virtues and Vices and allegory of Religion. After master´s death, his nephew Antonín Braun led the workshop which closed down after his death.


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