Alliprandi Giovanni Battista

*1665 (Laino ve Val d'Intelvi, Italy), †1720 (Litomyšl)

Italian architekt: working in Bohemia since 1690, he is a representative of Dynamic Baroque style in architecture. Together with J. B. Santini and K. Dientzenhofer Alliprandi belongs to the most important architects of the High Broque in Bohemia. He was influenced mostly by Viennese Baroque architecture, in particular by works of J. B. Fischer of Erlach and J. B. Mathey. His designs of palace and castle buildings feature dynamic frontage compositions. He also designed some church buildings. In 1706 he became Chief Fortification Designer in Prague and in 1713 Chief Fortification Designer in Cheb.

  • Works in Prague (selection):
    • Czernin Palace onLoretto Square
    • Hartig Palace on Lesser Town Square
    • HrzanPalace onCelená Street
    • KaisersteinPalace on Lesser Town Square
    • Lobkowicz Palace (Přehořovských Palace) on Lobkowicz Street
    • Plague Column of the Holy Trinity onLesser Town Square
    • Sternberg Palace on Hradčanské Square (?)
    • Sternberg Palace onLesser Town Square(?)
  • Works outside Prague (selection):
    • Church of St. Anna inBenešov
    • Piarist Church in Litomyšl
    • Town Hall inCheb
    • Hospital Church of the Holy Trinity in Kuks
    • Castles in Liblice, Hoří nand Kosmonosy

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